BSc Banking and Finnance

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Atiba University’s Banking and Finance degree is aimed at those who aspire to a career in the financial sector in roles such as securities analyst, financial or investment manager, or as a private, commercial or investment banker.

During this course, students are encouraged to learn about how the economy works, how decisions are made in banking and finance and how financial systems and capital markets operate in an international context. They are invited to explore how government policies influence the overall stock market index, how corporate actions affect stock prices and how private and corporate wealth is created.

Students can learn the foundations of economic principles, accounting and finance, and business data analysis before progressing to more advanced financial and banking management.

Career Prospects

A Banking and Finance degree can be a pathway to senior management positions in the private, public and commercial sectors. Graduates may choose to pursue a career in financial management, stock brokerage and trading, investment management, commercial banking, private banking, wealth management or investment banking. This degree encourage the development of research techniques, which are necessary for those choosing to progress to postgraduate-level study.

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