B.NSc. Nursing Science

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Graduates of the program will practice nursing safely, competently and ethically by:

  • providing nursing care for sick and vulnerable persons
  • providing health care to individuals, families, groups and communities
  • establishing and maintaining interpersonal and therapeutic relationships and partnerships with patients
  • enacting values of equity and social justice in addressing the social determinants of health
  • examining, synthesising and incorporating multiple knowledges to provide care
  • collaborating as members of an inter-professional team

At Atiba, our well-equipped labs feature cutting-edge equipment and help students prepare for nursing careers in all health care settings as practitioners, educators, and managers.

Career Prospects

Employers in health care industry are particularly inclined towards hiring B.Sc. Nursing graduates. Nursing is often considered as one of the very respectable services. After pursuing B.Sc. Nursing, one can join as registered nurse in various hospitals, public health services, community agencies etc. Experienced professionals can work in areas like nursing administration, management and health care administration. . They can take up administrative job opportunities in any private or public hospital, clinics, private practices, rehabilitation centres, emergency centres, and any other health care related firms.

The best part of this course is that after this course a candidate has ample job opportunities abroad.

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