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Study topics in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, with an emphasis on a practical education that is relevant to industry.

The B.Sc. Chemistry degree at Atiba University offers modern teaching in well-equipped laboratories with proper supervision to ensure students feel safe and confident working in labs.

As the central science, Chemistry is responsible for many of the most important breakthroughs in science. Throughout your time with us, you will be constantly challenged as you push forward the boundaries of your understanding, all within a supportive learning environment. By the time you graduate, you will be ready to forge an exciting career that shapes the future of science and society.

Career Prospects

Graduate chemists have an array of career options. Many join the chemical industry, while others enter academia or government establishments. A number of graduates use the logical and practical training they have gained to enter marketing, sales, management or finance.

Scientific journalism, publishing and teaching are all realistic potential destinations. Equally, the specific skills gained in laboratories can provide a stepping stone to roles in the manufacturing industry.

Career destinations included product development chemist, technical graduate, patent analyst, trainee accountant and quality control scientist.

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