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Microbiology is a laboratory-based science studying the micro-organisms which affect human, animal and plant health. Microbiologists are at the cutting edge of solving the microbial problems facing mankind.

Microbiologists work in a huge variety of fields, including food, healthcare, chemicals and waste treatment. Genetically modified microbes are used to combat pests and disease in crops without the need for chemical sprays. Valuable products like insulin for diabetes and vaccines against diseases are made cheaply and efficiently by modified microbes.

At Atiba University, you will learn a wide variety of practical techniques, develop research knowledge and gain industry exposure.

Career Prospects

Graduates from the department of biological and chemical science will enjoy excellent career opportunities. You can study for a higher degree in life sciences and you may choose to follow careers in the field, particularly in the research and management areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biomedical science, food technology, agrisciences, and pest, disease and environmental management.

Similar opportunities exist for biological and chemical scientists in government and independent laboratories involved in medical research, public health, forensic investigation, disease research, conservation, and pollution. You can also go on to work in medical careers, become teachers, or even work in the media

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