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A Mathematics degree from Atiba provides you with core mathematical skills that will equip you for a variety of careers, and gives a strong basis for further study. This course will provide you with broad mathematical knowledge, alongside analytical and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by employers.

Mathematics underlies all the physical sciences and is increasingly involved in biological sciences, social sciences and management. It is needed to make quantitative predictions from scientific theories.

Career Prospects

Specialist numerical skills and logical and analytical thought skills are qualities in demand across a range of stimulating and rewarding careers. Employers of graduates of Mathematics include the financial services sector which includes banks, stock broking firms, investment firms, insurance firms and so on and organisations such as the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics and the Meteorological Office.

Other areas where mathematicians can be found include industry, government and education, as well as international banking, computing, business, law, business analysis and accountancy.

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