History And Background

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The Atiba Oyo Education Foundation in the abiding belief that the university has a vital role to play in the educational growth of Nigeria and the socio-political transformation of 21st Century Oyo Community and its environs in particular conceived Atiba University Oyo. It was conceived as a dynamic agent of change of Oyo and Iseyin Communities of Oyo State, Nigeria. The proposed University is located at Soku Village, Oyo, which is half way between Oyo and Iseyin on Oyo-Iseyin Road. The take-off site is in Oyo Town.

University Logo

The logo of the University consists of leaf green circular structure with the name of the University and its motto inscribed in it. It is formed of “O” like shape inside which is “AU” with a lighted touch in the middle. The AU stands for ATIBA UNIVERSITY while the encircling O stands for Oyo. The lighted touch signifies Atiba UNIVERSITY as the touch of discovery in quest for knowledge that illuminates the world

University Colours

The University colours are Leaf Green and Yellow .The Leaf Green – colour of life, renewal, nature and energy stands for natural agricultural endowment of Oyo and Iseyin areas of Oyo State. It symbolizes agricultural success and peace of the region. Yellow is the natural beauty of the African continent. It symbolizes youth being furnished with quality education, science and technology signifying the promise of a positive future built on knowledge, character and self-reliance.

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